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OUR Reviews speak for themselves

“From my first visit Dr. Cheng put me at ease. I was worried that my two previous dentists had left me with a lifetime of pain. Dr. Cheng cared about helping me. I now have a bridge that fits and doesn't make me scream in pain.”

“If you have to go to a Dentist, this is the one to go to. I have been coming to this Dental Group for over 20 years and would not think of going anywhere else.”

“Dr Thorburn and Vicki looked at my trouble spot and in my serious root canal was a deep cavity. They filled it (numbed me completely) and my tooth looks beautiful. Dare I say I actually didn’t mind it. Best dental experience I’ve ever had.”

Laser Dentistry

A dentist in Fort Worth providing laser dentistry. You know lasers can do a lot, but did you know that they can also help your dentist in Fort Worth provide more comfortable, efficient dental care than ever before? It’s true. Using the concentrated power of light, the team at Fort Dental can shirk the use of invasive tools like scalpels and stitches for more relaxed care and a quicker recovery. Keep reading to learn more about how laser dentistry is changing the way we treat gum disease and other oral issues, then schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art dental practice today!

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

Traditional soft tissue oral procedures require the use of a scalpel to open the area, and sutures to close it and allow for healing to begin. Unfortunately, the process is invasive, uncomfortable, and patients may experience long recovery periods. Sutures also increase the risk of infection and even slower healing periods. By harnessing the power of concentrated light (i.e. lasers) to eliminate the need for invasive cutting and stitching, laser dentistry greatly improves the process for soft tissue treatments. 

At Fort Dental, we have invested in the Picasso Lite dental laser. We prefer it for its fantastic results and ease-of-use. The small handheld tool can be used to perform a wide range of soft-tissue procedures. The Picasso Lite also comes with three customizable presets for maximum speed, comfort, and hygiene throughout the treatment. And because it sanitizes as it works, the Picasso Lite actually increases the speed of healing and reduces recovery periods overall.

How Do We Use Laser Dentistry?

Your dentist in Fort Worth uses the power of laser dentistry for a number of procedures at Fort Dental. Applications of laser dentistry include…

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

The advantages of laser dentistry are numerous, and readily apparent for anyone who needs a soft tissue procedure. They include…

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When you choose a dentist who has invested in the latest technology, you are benefitting from the best, most up-to-date dentistry currently available. The team at Fort Dental is committed to providing advanced care with laser dentistry. If you believe you could benefit from its use, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today!