TMJ Therapy – Fort Worth, TX

Stop Jaw Pain with Targeted Treatment

Man in need of T M J therapy holding jaw in pain

If you have unexplained headaches or pain in your ears, neck, shoulders, jaw, or face, TMJ disorder (TMD) may be the culprit. Fort Dental can eliminate your discomfort with safe, comfortable, non-surgical options for TMJ therapy in Fort Worth, TX.

Two small joints in front of your ears, the temporomandibular joints or TMJ, are responsible for the smooth function of your jaw. When these joints are aggravated by stress, a misaligned bite, teeth grinding, or other factors, pain and pressure result. A custom-fitted nightguard can eliminate your pain by promoting proper bite alignment and relaxing stressed jaw muscles.

Find relief from TMJ disorder. Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Cheng, Dr. Thorburn, and Dr. Luk. Our Fort Worth dental office serves residents of Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, and surrounding areas.