May 14, 2022

3 Reasons to Have Your Overbite Corrected

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Dental patient with an overbite

Most people associate orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign with teeth straightened into a beautiful smile. However, orthodontics can do more than just improve your appearance — it can help with oral issues too! In particular, it can correct the problems associated with overbites.

Listed below are three reasons to have your overbite corrected with professional dental treatment. Read about them and see if a better bite is worth a trip to your local dentist.

It’ll Make Dental Care Easier

Perhaps surprisingly, overbites can make it harder to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. As teeth become misaligned, unique crevices crop up that can house food particles and plaque from meals. Severe overbites can even cause gum tissue impingement, resulting in gradual but steady gum recession.

You can prevent these situations by correcting your overbite and straightening your teeth. With the right orthodontic treatment, overlap can be reduced so that your gums stay healthy and pain-free!

It’ll Simplify Eating & Speaking

People rely on well-aligned teeth to speak and eat. Specifically, there must be a slight overlap for your teeth to convey speech and chew food properly. Unfortunately, a severe overlap like those found in overbites can make speaking and eating more challenging.

Difficulty with your food and words can be resolved with the right dentistry. When you get braces or clear aligners to correct your bite, your newly aligned teeth will make eating and speaking simple—just as they should be! While you might need a little practice to correct speech-related issues, you’ll have what you need to succeed once your teeth are aligned.

It’ll Improve Your Mental Health

A better smile from bite correction helps your appearance and your emotional life.

When an overbite gets severe and noticeable, it becomes a source of embarrassment and insecurity. That reality becomes especially likely when the bite problem distorts your face shape.

Fortunately, the straighter smile one receives from braces or Invisalign is a major confidence-booster. When cared for rightly, such orthodontic procedures can address both overbite and self-esteem.

In light of the benefits above, treating your overbite is well worth it. Talk to your dental practice about getting an aligned bite alongside a straighter smile.

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