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March 10, 2020

3 Ways a Dental Implant Can Break

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Plastic model of a dental implant supporting a bridge.If you chose to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant, you’ve made a wise decision for your smile. With over a 95% success rate, it’s the most reliable solution to treat tooth loss using a long-term treatment. As a permanent option, you probably never expect there to be any complications with your dental implant. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. While it is rare, your dental implant can break. Don’t worry, here are 3 ways to protect your investment from any damage.

What Happens If My Dental Implant Breaks?

A dental implant consists of a titanium implant post that’s inserted into your jawbone. Your jaw provides a stable foundation for your all-ceramic restoration that’s connected to the post via an abutment. While a dental implant is comprised of durable, high-quality material, it can sustain damage. Here are the most common ways a dental implant can break and what you can do to avoid it:

  1. Untreated Bruxism

Bruxism is a subconscious habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, often from an underlying factor, like stress or an unbalanced bite. The pressure can cause a fracture or the implant to bend over time. The likeliness of this occurring increases with time because the implant gradually weakens.


A nightguard can prevent dental implant failure caused by bruxism. The custom-fit device acts as a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth, reducing force on the implant.


  1. Trauma

Although you probably never expect a dental emergency to happen to you, they are quite common. In fact, 1 in 6 Americans experiences one annually. While they can take many forms, fractures and tooth loss are among the most frequent. Most often, they result from trauma. Your natural teeth aren’t the only thing that can be damaged. You can also break your dental implant.


You can’t fully prevent an injury, but you can help protect your smile in the event you find yourself in this situation. If you play sports, wear an athletic mouthguard. This acts as a protective barrier for your teeth, soft tissues, and jaw to lessen the likeliness or severity of an injury.


  1. Preexisting Medical Conditions

There are certain preexisting medical issues than can lead to a broken dental implant, like those that affect the skeletal system or your body’s ability to heal. During your dental implant consultation, your dentist thoroughly reviews your oral and medical history to ensure there are few risk factors for complications. It’s important you are honest with your dentist during your consultation to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Restore Your Smile

If your dental implant breaks, you may need to have it removed and replaced. Don’t worry, your dentist can restore your beautiful smile.

About Dr. Johnny Cheng

Dr. Johnny Cheng has over 500 hours of postgraduate training to provide his patients with the latest solutions, including advanced treatments like dental implants. Selected as a “Top Dentist” among his peers, you can rest assured your smile is in good hands. If you’re ready to replace your missing teeth, contact our office today for an appointment.


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