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February 27, 2009

Is a free dental visit for a new patient too good to be true? Believe it!

We call it a “look-see” appointment.  If you are a new patient to our practice that is seeking a second opinion, need a treatment estimate, or just want to come talk about a specific dental concern but are not ready to commit to our office yet, we provide a free visit called a “look-see” appointment.  This allows all parties involved to get acquainted with one another without making a commitment.  It is our belief that the more informed you are about the state of your dental health, the better choices you’ll make on your daily habits and what type of treatment you choose to have performed.  With digital x-rays and our intra-oral cameras, you’ll see exactly what we see!  How nice is that! 

How many times have you had your oil changed and the mechanic comes to you and says (with a dirty oil filter in hand): “Sir, you also need to have your oil filter changed today.”  Call me a cynic, but how do you really know that the dirty filter came from your car?  You don’t, unless you were there.  With our intra-oral camera, we take your eyes directly to the problem and you see what we see!  Rest assured, if we recommend treatment, you will SEE exactly why. 

If you, or any of your friends, family or co-workers have a dental problem or concern, please feel free to have them contact us at 817-292-5957 or email us at  We’d love to get to know you better and help shed light on your condition!

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