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June 25, 2020

Why Is My Dentist Asking Me to Rinse Before My Appointment?

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Smiling woman pouring mouthwashWhen you scheduled your summer visit to the dentist back in December, you never could’ve foreseen what would happen in the next six months. Now that your appointment is only a few days away, you decide to give the office a call to see what changes they have implemented. While some of the measures are familiar to you (like face masks and social distancing), you are surprised to hear that you need to rinse for 60 seconds before your appointment. You find yourself wondering, “What does rinsing have to do with COVID-19?” Your dentist is here to give you the answer!

Can Mouthwash Prevent COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 is relatively new, experts are still researching the intricacies of this virus. While there is currently no information on the direct correlation between the two, decades of research has shown how effective mouthwash is at killing bacteria. In fact, its disinfectant-based solution removes up to 99% of the germs that cause bad breath, plaque, and gum disease. In light of the current pandemic, it is more important now than ever to do your part in creating a bacteria-free environment.

So, Why Does My Dentist Want Me to Rinse Before My Appointment?

According to the National Library of Medicine, a study done on antimicrobial rinse in oral care found that mouthwash can play a crucial role in infection control. In fact, the research showed that “the use of antimicrobial mouth rinse during dental treatments, such as endodontic treatment, proved to be effective for more reliable infection control.” Although this finding may initially seem minor, it could make all the difference in protecting your community during a pandemic. After all, extensive infection control is why dentists are wearing additional personal protective equipment, enforcing social distancing, and limiting the number of patients they see in a day.

What Mouthwash Should I Use?

Whether mouthwash is a new part of your oral hygiene routine or you are just in the market for a new one, there are a lot of options to choose from! To avoid getting overwhelmed, focus on the antimicrobial mouthwashes. While the over-the-counter alternatives are effective, this powerful option can reduce bacteria that are virtually undetectable to the regular solution. If you are unsure of where to find it or which one to buy, give your dentist a call. They can guide you in the right direction or offer you some before starting your treatment.

In the fight against a virus as contagious as COVID-19, limiting the potential exposure of harmful bacteria is crucial. Therefore, make sure to rinse thoroughly for 60 seconds before your appointment to keep both you and your dentist safe in this pandemic!

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