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June 25, 2009

Seeing is believing! Our intraoral camera will open your eyes!





The single most powerful piece of technology in our practice (for Doctor and Patient) is the intraoral camera.  Why?  Because seeing is believing!  What if your dentist could SHOW you what was wrong with your tooth on a large television set?  Well, in our office, that’s exactly what’s available to you.

As a result, the “trust factor” goes way up and any doubts, questions, fears are immediately addressed with a clear picture of the tooth and the treatment that is needed is validated quickly.  Fear can be driven by the unknown. 

Our camera can also validate your GOOD oral health and the fact that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your teeth at all!  How wonderful!  Every new patient that comes into our office for a comprehensive exam receives a “tour of your mouth” with our camera.  See all that is good in your mouth, see what may need a little help.

Call us today for an appointment to see your teeth on TV!  817-292-5957

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